Fixtures/Results 2018

The club enjoyed a better season in 2017, winning or drawing more matches than in recent years 😄

As new members gained experience it was reflected in the match results, the club losing many matches by only a few shots.

Fixtures 2018

Date TeamDressVenueFormatTimeResultComments
Sat21Members Open DayGH6 Mixed2.30N/A
Sun29EmberWH4R Mix2.30
Sat5Open dayGH6 Mix T11 to 3N/A
Wed9WaltonGH4 Mix T2.30L66:75
Sat12IsleworthWA4T FML2.30L49:26
Sun13Cambridge ParkWH4R Mix2.30L64:84
Sat19OsterleyWA4T FML2.30L63:62
Sun20StanwellWA4T FML2.30L59:60
Sat26Gunnersbury ParkWA4TM2.30Cancelled
Sun27HershamWH4T Mix2.30W101:52
Wed30OatlandsGH4T Mix2.30Cancelled
Thurs31Hounslow ConsGH4T FML6.00L65:71
Sat2EsherWA4R Mix2.30L55:98
Wed6StanwellGH4T FML2.30
Sat9NPLWH4T Mix2.30
Sun10Cambridge ParkWA4R Mix2.30
Wed13Strawberry HillGA3T Mix2.30
Thurs14HamptonGH4T Mix2.30
Sat16Fordbridge ParkWH4T FML2.30W63:59
Sun17Presidents PlateGH6 Mixed10N/A
Thurs21Bishop Duppas LadiesWA3T2.30
Sun24AshfordWA4T Mix2.30W57:53
Wed27StainesGA4T FML2.30
Sun1Presidents CupGH6 Mixed10.00N/A
Wed4Strawberry HillGH3T Mix2.30W56:53
Thurs5Staines LadiesGH2 Rinks2.30
Sat7Mixed Two WoodsGH6 Rinks10N/A
Sun8Bishop Duppas WH4T FML2.30L34:109
Thurs12HamptonGA4T Mix2.30
Fri13WoodlandsGA4T Mix2.00L59:72
Sun15EmberWA4R Mix2.30L49:50
Wed18Gunnersbury ParkGH4T FML2.30Cancelled
Sat21StainesWH4T FML2.30L43:57
Sun22Fordbridge ParkWA4T FML2.30L48:75
Wed25OatlandsGA4T Mix2.30
Thurs26Hounslow ConsGA4T FML6.00
Sun29Mavis Steele CupGHL v M2.30Cancelled
Wed1NPL LadiesWA3T2.30
Fri3WoodlandsGH4T Mix2.30
Sat4ChertseyWA4R Mix2.30
Sun5AddlestoneWA4T Mix2.30
Sat11TeddingtonWH4T Mix2.30
Sun122 Wood Mixed PairsGH6 Rinks10.00N/A
Wed15StainesGA4T Mix2.30
Thurs16Bishop DuppasGA4T FML2.30
Sat18Bluewood ShieldWFPBC13 Play10.00
Sat25EsherWH4R Mix2.30W67:51
Sun26IsleworthWH4T FML2.30
Sat1Finals DayWH6 Rinks10.00N/A
Sun2Finals DayWH6 Rinks10.00N/A
Thurs6TeddingtonGA4T Mix2.30
Sat8AshfordWH4T Mix2.30
Sun9Reserve Finals DayWH6 Rinks10.00N/A
Wed12OsterleyGH4 Mix T2.30
Sat15WaltonA4T Mix2.30
Sat22Mavis Steele CupGH6 Rinks2:30L v M
Sat29Green Closes