An evening of Slippery Anne on Tues 3rd March

The social evenings continue with an evening of cards .. come and join Alan Cordery as he guides us through “Slippery Anne”.


SLIPPERY ANNE (other titles known!)

The object of the game is to NOT win any tricks that contain HEARTS or the QUEEN OF SPADES.                                                                                                              

Each Heart card scores it’s face value (i.e. the seven of hearts scores 7), the Jack,  Queen and King of hearts score 10, the Ace scores 11. The Queen of spades will score 40. 

A total of 135 points will be scored in each game.

If a player wins all 135 points they score zero and the other three players score 45.

Aces are the highest value cards in each suit.

Players must follow suit when possible. If they can’t,they can discard a card of any suit (or a Heart card or the Queen of spades).

There are no trumps or jokers.


1.  There will be 4 players on each table.                                                                     

2.  The first card dealer deals all of the cards (13 cards each)*.                                         

3.  Each player selects three of their cards and passes them (face down) to the player on their left. Do not pass the cards until that player has passed his cards on.                                                                                                                                                          4.  The game starts with the player on the left of the dealer laying the first card.      

5.  Play continues clockwise round the table.                                                                                                              6.  Each player then adds up all of the hearts, and the Queen of Spades he/she have collected and writes the score on their score sheet.                                                             

7.  The player to the left of the previous dealer now starts the next game. Scores are added up as before.                                                                                                     8.  After four games have been played the two players with the highest total scores will move up to the next table (i.e. table 3 players move to table 4 etc.).                                            

9.  At the end of the evening the player with the lowest total score of all the games will be be the winner.                                                                                                       10.* If there are only three players on a table remove the 2 of clubs (or diamonds) and deal 17 cards to each player.

SSA AGM 2019

The AGM for Sunbury Sports Association will be held at 8.15pm on Thursday 28th November.

We are all members, as are the members of the Cricket Club, Weight Training Club and Squash Club and are invited to attend in order to understand what is happening.

Annual General Meeting 2019

Sunbury Sports Bowls Club 

Secretary: D. Chatterton. 

 Annual General Meeting 2019

Notice is given that the 52nd Annual General Meeting of the Sunbury Sports Bowls Club is to be held at the Sunbury Sports Club on Tuesday 12 Nov 2019 at 7.30pm.

  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Minutes for the 2018 AGM.
  3. Matters arising.
  4. Secretary’s Report: attached
  5. Treasurer’s Report: attached and Election of Independent Examiners.
  6. Reports from Club Captain and other officers as required.
  7. Vote of thanks by the President.
  8. To consider any resolutions proposed and seconded regarding rules and constitution.
  1. To amend the Competition Rules: proposed amended rules attached and decide need to amend handicapping clause.
  1. Election of officers and committee for 2019/20. See below.
  2. Any Other Business.
  3. Date of the next meeting.

      Forum to follow formal AGM: Discussion of any matter members wish to debate.                                                                                                                          

Title Agreed Name  
President  Yes T. Dowthwaite  
Captain Yes D. Saunders  
Vice-Captain Yes D. Morris  
Midweek Captain Yes T. Dowthwaite  
Secretary Yes D. Chatterton  
Fixture Secretary Yes B. Pollard  
Competition Secretary Yes


R. Leatherby


Treasurer Yes B. Frankson .  
Committee member Yes C. Chatterton  
Committee member Yes E. Leatherby  
Committee member Yes N. Morris
Information Officer Yes A. Pilkington