Competition Covid Regulations

Due to the Bowls England Covid regulations additional rules have had to be added during the playing of competitions at the club. The additional rules are as follows:

Regulations Due to the Corona Virus.

  1. Pushers, score boards and 2-meter measuring sticks will not be available.
  2. In singles each bowler will be provided with a jack (white or yellow) bowlers must only use the jack they have been provided with.
  3. In pairs and triples the lead bowlers will be provided with a jack (white or yellow) and should only use the jack they have been provided with. The lead bowler should be the only person who touches the mats.
  4. Bowler’s must only pickup their own bowls.
  5. Markers will position the jack with a jack wand, the jack must not be positioned by hand. When bowling the jack, bowlers should avoid putting the jack in the ditch as they will have to pick it out
  6. When a bowl goes into the ditch, the bowl should be left for the owner of the bowl to take it out, skips and markers should not remove the bowl. A live bowl in the ditch will be indicated with a chalk mark.
  7. The club will provide sanitiser to sanitise the mats and jacks’ in-between rounds, players should provide their own sanitiser to sanitise their hands during the day.
  8. Only one score card will be provided for each game, skips/markers must provide their own score card holders and pens/pencils. Score cards are kept on the small shelf in the chalet. 
  9. Markers will only be allowed to measure using their own measure during singles competition. During pairs and triples one bowler should be nominated to measure, measures must not be shared.
  10. During all day pairs and triples competitions, please ensure you know who is your skip, who is in your team and what rinks you will be playing on.


The men’s toilets will have to be used by both men and women during weekdays and up until 12:00 on weekends, only 2 people are allowed in the toilet at any one time. I would suggest the ladies are chaperoned to insure they are not invaded by men when using the toilet. The key for the back door to the toilets will be available in the chalet. From 12:00 on weekends the ladies will be able to use the ladies toilets by using the door from the patio opposite the entrance door to the ladies toilets. Ladies will have to register their presence in the club house. Men will have to register at the patio door entrance to use the toilets on weekends after 12:00.


The club will not be providing any food or drink during the all-day competitions, a new company is now providing food including breakfast, lunch, snacks and hot drinks in the club house, the bar will be open from 12:00 at weekends. When using the food or bar facilities you will have to follow the Sports Association procedure’s by using the patio door, registering, and sanitising your hands. A full copy of the Sports Association procedures has been sent to all members.