The 2023 club finals will be played over the weekend of Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd September so you need to ensure availability to play on one of these dates before entering.

All competitions are played as a knockout format, although we have experimented with group games and all-play-all in recent years for some of them. Most competitions take place over the course of the season and dates for playing are arranged by competitors at mutually convenient times. The exception to this are the 4 competitions that take place on specific dates, where all rounds are played over the course of the day until finalists are decided.

Presidents Cup is played as singles with 4 bowls each but uses a scoring system of 4-3-2-1 for the 4 woods nearest the jack. First to 75pts wins.

Presidents Plate is played as Triples (so 3 in a team each using 4 bowls). It’s played over 18 ends although on the day we reduce this in order to fit in multiple rounds, typically 3 rounds.

The  Junior Championship is restricted to those who are yet to have tasted success in other competitions.

Handicap competitions are played to 21 shots adjusted by the difference in handicaps, Eg. player A has a handicap of 4 and player B has 3 means that player A requires 22 shots to win and player B requires 21 shots.