Update .. Tues 13July

Following a narrow loss to Staines in our previous game in the South Middlesex league we had another on Sunday, losing by 5 shots to Bishop Duppas (64-59). It just goes to show that every shot really does count even if you’re on a losing rink.

The Mens good run in the Middlesex competitions is coming to an end – Dennis lost his quarter-final match in the Mens Unbadged Singles at North London on Saturday and AlanP had to forfeit his Mens Singles 3rd round match on Monday.

The rain won yet again on Monday’s Evening league – it will now run until 16th Aug in order to catch up with postponed games. Similarly, the Friday Triples league will be extended to 30th July.

In our internal competitions, the new date for the rearranged  Presidents Cup (day-long knock-out played to 75pts) is Sat 7th August. The deadline for entries is end of July so please contact Alan Pilkington via email/txt/whatsapp/tel/face-to-face if you want to enter. There will also be a sign-up sheet. We have 20 entries from the original date, hopefully you know who you are, so please confirm if you can make the new date.

The Junior Championship will be drawn very soon – we have 12 entries thus far and anyone who hasn’t tasted success in singles competitions is invited to enter. As with all competitions, you must be available to play on 4-5Sep if you were to get to the final.

For those new to the internal competitions, please check the draw on the website or on the sheets in the clubhouse and make contact with your opponent to arrange a date/time to play. If it’s a singles game then you will then need a marker to help centre the jack/mat, measure where necessary and keep the score. Don’t worry if it’s your first time doing this – marking is generally less stressful than playing! It’s generally a good idea to ask for a marker in the same draw then you can reciprocate. The green is available at most times although it may be best to avoid Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings upto 11am when the grass is generally cut. If you have any queries or issues sorting a marker, checking green availability, etc. then please contact Alan Pilkington.


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