A sweltering weekend

Lots of bowls were rolled over the hot weekend.

We played team matches on both Saturday and Sunday, losing at a fast-running Cambridge Park and winning back on relatively slower home turf against Strawberry Hill.

Unfortunately Ann lost in the quarter-finals of the Middlesex Women’s Two Woods at Hayes. Bob & Anita also lost their 3rd round match in the Middlesex Mixed Pairs on the last end at Hurlingham.

The week ahead ..

Mon 14th 2pm – Bindley plays at home in the quarter-finals of the Middlesex Women’s Unbadged Singles against a player from Staines

Mon 14th 6pm – DavidC, Brian & Richard play at Ashford in the 4th round of the Middlesex Mens Triples

Mon 14th 6pm – Monday Evening league

Tues 15th 6pm – Tuesday Night Roll-up

Wed 16th 6pm – AlanP and Dennis both play at home in 5th round matches in the Middlesex Mens Unbadged Singles against opponents from Strawberry Hill and Ashford, respectively

Thurs 17th 6pm – Bishop Duppas v Sunbury

Fri 18th 11am – Friday Triples league

Sat 19th 10:30 – DavidC (and any helpers) continues coaching of new members

Sat 19th 2:30pm – Sunbury v Fordbridge Park

Sun 20th 10am – Presidents Plate

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