Finals weekend

The last two semi-finals were completed today just in time for the finals this weekend. One in particular was a long one .. another 29 ends for Bindley , this time against Eileen in the Women’s Handicap.

The green was subsequently double-cut and the grounds prepared by the greenkeepers and helpers.

Just a reminder that sausage rolls, crisps, biscuits and cakes together with teas/coffees and squashes will be available during the day.

The schedule below is complete but obviously everything may not quite go to plan so please bear with. Please see some notes below particularly for competitors and markers.

Notes for competitors & markers

Please familiarise yourself with the schedule – it contains all the information required,  including rink number, marker (where required) and which player(s) are red & blue. This will all be available on the whiteboard by the side of the rink.

To help speed things along and identify the bowls for markers and spectators please attach the red or blue stickers to your bowls before the game(s). The player(s) with blue stickers will be recorded as top of the scoreboard and will be the challenger and will be asked to call heads/tails on the coin toss to decide who has the mat on the first end.

Two trial ends are expected to take take place before the match itself, unless otherwise specified.

For those players competing for the first time (and a reminder to others) feel free to ask your marker for information about the positions of the bowls in the head. Typically this may be  “who’s holding shot?”. Once at the head agree the score with your opponent or ask the marker to measure to confirm/decide.

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