Presidents Cup 25-26th July

The draw for the Presidents Cup has been made (click link Presidents Cup) so please make sure you know what day you are playing as the competition is being run on a daily basis this year. The first round each day will start at 10:00 with the second round starting approximately 12:00. I have got markers for the first round each day, but will need markers for the second round so if you are knocked out of the first round and are available to mark in the second round please let me know.

As we are restricted to using just three rinks and will not have time to run three rounds in a day, Alan and I have decided the next rounds (semi final and final from each day) will have to be played on Monday 17th of August starting at 10:00, with the winners from the daily finals competing against each other on finals day.

Alan and Brian, Competition Secretaries

07831 426063

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