Presidents Cup semis

Hi All
Please find laid out below the details for Presidents Cup on the 17th August, as we only have the use of 3 rinks those who played on the 25th July will start at 10:00 and those who played on the 26th July will start at 14:00:
25th July Winners (Start time 10:00)
Rink 3 – Tom Douthwaite v Alan Pilkington
Rink 5 – Anita Harvey v Eileen Leatherby
Rink 1 (Final)  – Winner Rink 3 v Winner Rink 5

26th July Winners (Start time
Rink 3 – Bob Harvey v Liam Furlong
Rink 5 – Peter Saul v Richard Moxon
Rink 1 (Final) – Winner Rink 3 v Winner Rink 5

As I am not available on the 17th, Alan Pilkington will be running the games. As usual will be looking for volunteers to mark the games please contact Alan or me if you are available.
Brian Pollard
Competition Secretary

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