Trophies & prizes 2021

This year’s annual Presentation Luncheon went well with a full complement of trophies presented and even more raffle prizes won! Thanks to all for the arrangements and help on the day. We missed our Club President, Tom, but perhaps not his jokes! We wish him well.

All this year’s winners have had their name(s) added to the trophies (with one exception, oops!) as well as those from the reduced programme we ran in 2020. The Honours Boards have also been updated and will be available for viewing, perhaps in the main hall, in the coming months.

This year’s Club Trophy was awarded to John Nutt for his sterling work on the garden and overall help and support around the club and green.

The Monday Evening league was won by The Firers – Richard Moxon, Barry Frankson, Tony Latchford and Karen & Alan Pilkington,

The Friday Triples league was won by The Swifts – Brian McKone, Bob Levi, Alison Nabil and Eileen & Roger Leatherby.

Our next event is the Xmas social on Tuesday 7th December at 7:30pm – a mix of games and quiz .. all are welcome .. members, friends & family.




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