Members’ News .. Aug2017

It will soon be the end of the 2017 Outdoor Bowls Season and we must consider those things necessary for next season. The green will remain open till the end of September, so look out for ongoing events after finals day – like Roll-ups.

The green will be refurbished during early October and maintenance to the surroundings and clubhouse continue throughout the winter. Contact David Chatterton or Dennis Morris if you are interested.

A full program of monthly events will be published shortly, but do try to attend the AGM on Tuesday 7th November 2017 at 7:30pm, it is necessary for our constitution and it’s where resolutions can be put forward to change or modify our procedures.

There needs to be a functioning committee with appropriate officers to undertake the necessary actions to ensure a functioning club for next season. Regrettably, Alan Cordery is keen to have a year off as Fixture Secretary and Colin Smith feels that his journey from Surbiton is too difficult and will no longer be our Competition Secretary. Please consider if you can do one of these jobs or can persuade someone capable to do them. Help will be available from members who understand the processes.

There is a notice just inside our entrance giving details of the Presentation Lunch on Friday 17th November. Please add your names and preferences so that we can make sure it runs well.

David and Cassie

Kee-eep bowling! (added by ed)

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