Finals countdown!

Our Club Competitions come to a crescendo this weekend, the culmination of lots of bowls played over the course of the season. Thanks to all those entering and competing so enthusiastically – there’s been quite a few dramas along the way and a record amount of ends played in some games. There hasn’t been any actual walkovers which is pretty unique.

The makeup of the finals includes some of our more senior players – Cassie, David, TonyH and of course our oldest playing member, Charlie! They are joined by some far newer faces who have won through for the first time – Jenny, Keith, Michelle, Gary and our second youngest member, Jen! The rest is a mixture of now regular finalists from recent or less recent times! Apologies, you’ll probably be fed up of seeing one particular face over the weekend .. I’ve ended up in 6 finals, a repeat of two years ago and which was actually bettered by Karen with an exhausting 7 finals in the same year! Finally, please spare a thought for Jon, who picks up the award for unluckiest semi-finalist .. he finished second in all 5 of them!

We plan on having refreshments available over the course of both days together with lunch .. if partaking, a suggested donation will be worked out. For competitors, and markers, the wearing of whites is encouraged, particularly the top half if you don’t have a club shirt. Each player or team will be assigned red or blue markers to aid with identification for spectators, so please allow time to affix them to your bowls before starting. Thanks for all the offers of marking – we actually have more than is needed, which is fantastic. If anyone still has a trophy from last year please could you drop them off to the clubhouse before or on Saturday .. polished if possible! Lastly, the best of luck to all the finalists and I hope you enjoy the weekend win or lose.

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