Greenkeepers’ dedication

Half way through a recent cut the greenkeepers had to decide whether to abort and risk leaving the green half-cut or persevere through the pouring rain. In the end the mower had the final word and gave up with the green 2/3 cut!

It’s really encouraging to see so many competition games being played. Top marks (and results!) to Tarun who’s played more than his fair share of games before disappearing abroad for a while.

In the county competitions this week we lost Nikki & Dennis from the South Middlesex Mixed Pairs and AlanP & Tracy from the Middlesex Mixed Pairs. The latter played at Ashford until well past 9pm after taking the match to an extra end! Good luck to Anita & Bob who play their Middlesex Mixed Pairs match at home on Friday 6pm.

The Friday Morning League continues .. on Friday! Diane’s team of Anita, David, John & Mike are setting the pace with 2 wins out of 2. They play Karen’s team this week.

Just a reminder if you can spare any time to help clear and sort out the grounds/clubhouse on Saturday anytime from 10:30am. Then we have the Presidents Cup competition on Sunday from 10:30am – this is the final call for anyone wanting to play.


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