Presidential competitions

This season’s Presidents Cup was contested on a rather hot Sunday and went on for a little longer than expected. At the end of a long and tiring day we had 3 group winners and a best runner-up. Congratulations to BobH, Dennis, Liam and AlanP who will play out the semi-finals at a later date. Undoubtedly the best end of the day came in the match between Liam and Eileen where all the bowls were within two feet of the jack, and most a lot closer still!








Next up is the last of our day-long competitions – the Presidents Plate on Saturday 9th July. This is played in teams of 3 (triples) with each team competing over a series of short games. Please get in touch if you’d like to play and likewise if you can no longer make it. I can assure you it won’t be as long as Sunday!

Current entrants : Chris, TonyL, Peter, AlanP, AlanC, John, David, Bindley, Tracy, Alison, Diane/Cassie, Eileen, Barry, Brian, Lynda

Just a reminder for those yet to arrange and play their competition games – deadlines are approaching! Please get in touch if you need help making contact with an opponent. Thanks, as ever, to those who’ve already played.

The clubhouse contains all the sign-up sheets for upcoming South Middlesex League matches and friendlies so please take a look and put your name down for any you’re available for. Unfortunately the latest SML table now has Sunbury in 3rd place .. it was good whilst it lasted. We play 4th-placed Bishop Duppas on Sunday 10th.

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