Swishing season

‘Tis the season to swish the green. Unfortunately this needs to be done before play – it helps preserve the green by breaking up the worm casts rather than treading them in. It also helps keep the bowls a little cleaner. The swishers are kept in the chalet and you could view it as a gentle warm-up for bowling .. okay, I can hear the groans!

The club competitions sheets are up to date with results. Please keep up the good work arranging and playing your games. I’ll be chasing up some folk soon!

Mens 2022

Womens 2022

Mixed 2022

Some upcoming dates:

Fri 8th 11am – Friday Morning League – round 4 of 10

Sat 9th 10:30am – Presidents Plate – short set of triples

Sun 10th 2:30pm – Sunbury v Bishop Duppas in SML

Tues 12th 6pm – Club Night (sign-up 5:45pm)

Wed 13th 2:30pm – Hampton v Sunbury in SML


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