Programme of Events for Winter 2017

Programme of Winter/ Spring Events 2017-8 at 7.30pm

Tuesday, 3rd October              Skittles

Tuesday, 7th November          Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, 14th November        Quiz – don’t forget the 2017 Presentation Lunch on Friday, 17th November 2017.

Tuesday, 5th December           Skittles

Tuesday, 9th January                Bingo and Fish and Chips

Tuesday, 7th February             Skittles

Tuesday, 6th March                  Quiz

Tuesday, 3rd April                     Skittles

Friday, 20th April                      Horse Racing

Come and enjoy these events and bring partners and don’t forget the Presentation Lunch on Friday 17th November2017.

Then we will all be ready for a new season of Bowls in 2018

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