A friendly win

It was a tense measure on the last end on one of the rinks in Sunday’s friendly with Byfleet. Unfortunately it went against us, but we were less benevolent on the other rinks with a good 3-1 overall result. After two consecutive losses in friendlies the win comes as a timely boost for next weekend’s South Middlesex League match against Cambridge Park.

The start of the Friday Morning League has been postponed by a week due to unavailability of players so the new start date is Friday 17th. There are six teams competing so each Friday will see 3 matches of triples. Each team captain will be in touch with their team members and is responsible for arranging who plays when. If anyone wants to join the league please contact Eileen or get in touch with me and I’ll let Eileen know.

The grass is planned to be cut in time for the Middlesex Women’s Unbadged Singles matches on Monday 6th and Club Night & Training for new bowlers on Tuesday 7th .. weather permitting!

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