All wrapped up

The green was prepared for winter over the weekend of 1-2Oct. This involved spiking it and scarifying it to remove the moss and thatch .. just one pass of the scarifier resulted in the machine needing emptying! After that, it was seeded and levelled with a drag mat. A top dressing was then laid with more seeding and levelling. Meanwhile around the grounds, the ditches were emptied, edges cut straight, paths cleared and benches painted. The green will be surrounded by a fence in due course together with the application of fertiliser. Alongside the work around the grounds, the clubhouse rooms were tidied and cleaned. Refreshments were well-received and provided a welcome rest. Many thanks to all those who were able to lend a hand – it really is appreciated by the green keeping team.

Don’t forget the first winter social on Tues 4th 7:30pm .. all welcome.


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