Ashford defeated

On a balmy Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a rare win over Ashford in the SML. We may have faced a team missing some of their county players due to other commitments but a win is a win. We actually won on one of the three rinks played for an overall 6-4 result. We complete the first half of the season with a home match against Bishop Duppas in two weeks’ time.

In our club competitions, the results have been flying in with folk arranging their matches around holidays, etc.. Gary & Simon and Michelle & Jenny take the honours for most green time with both their matches taking an exhausting 27 ends, especially in the recent heat! Nikki & Pat went toe to toe in the Women’s Championship with the closest possible score of 21-20. Thanks to all for getting matches played in good time. The third of our day-long competitions is coming up on Saturday 1st July .. the grandly-named Presidents Cup. Although it’s a singles competition the scoring is a little different with the four nearest bowls all scoring regardless of which bowl is shot. Please let me know if your name is missing from the list of entrants or if you’d like to enter, or you can no longer make it.

Alan; Alex; Alison; Andrea; Anita; Bindley, BobH; BobL; Charlie; Chris; Colin; Dennis; Eileen; Jenny; John; Keith; Liam; Nikki; Peter Saul; Richard; Simon; Tarun; Tracy

In Middlesex county matches I faced my third consecutive Ashford player in the 6th round of the Unbadged Men’s Singles. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and I lost 21-20 and by a little over an inch on the last end!  There is better news with Anita in her Unbadged Women’s Singles .. up against Tracy’s victor at Bishop Duppas she won 21-18 to qualify for the county quarters and semi-finals in July. Karen plays at Staines next week with a chance of keeping Anita company.

The latest round of the Friday Morning League saw wins for team’s captained by Alan, Diane and Eileen. Here is the league table after 4 (of 10) rounds.

8 pts – Alan

6 pts – Alison; Diane

2pts – Eileen, Karen

0pts – Nikki

One item I’ve failed to mention this season is the NW Surrey Thursday League. This is something that Eileen (and David) have entered and organised down the years and is played in the traditional format of rinks (fours). Anyway they’ve been doing rather well and have notched up 3 wins in their first 4 matches. Well done to Brian, Lynda, Nikki & Dennis as the mainstay of the team, ably helped by David and Eileen amongst others.

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