It never rains but it pours .. if only!!

You may have already heard that Club Night is cancelled tomorrow night due to the extreme heat. We would also like to discourage large numbers onto the green whilst we have issues with it. Individual games using one selected rink are still okay. The watering system needs a new pump motor and this is hopefully being sought this week but, unfortunately, the sprinkler borrowed from the cricket club isn’t doing a great job due to the low water pressure. To add to the woes, foxes have been spotted tearing up parts of the green. Again this is being addressed and the green keepers are hoping this is the end of the run of bad luck!

We have two important team matches this coming weekend – both are South Middlesex League matches and are away at Staines and Fordbridge Park. We won’t have any green issues to content with but we are struggling to get full teams – we’re currently after 5 more players for Saturday and 1 for Sunday. If you can help out please get in touch with our captain Diane, or reply to this news update.

On a more positive note, the club competitions are doing well with both the Open Handicap and Junior Championship now down to the quarter-finals. The Mens competitions are doing okay too; the Women’s has less entrants and will undoubtedly click into action as we head towards August.

There is a live band performing at the club on Saturday 23rd. Tickets are £5. 

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