Water pump

If like me you assumed replacing the water pump was like doing one in a fish tank – submerging your hand in water and fishing it out .. think again!

The automated watering system that’s used has evolved over a number of years. The water tank itself lurks between the green and paddock with most of it buried into the ground. After draining the tank, access to the pump and motor involves climbing into the tank via step ladders before disconnecting the various pipes. Lifting out the pump is as much a challenge due to the weight! Unfortunately there are extended waiting times to get someone to do the work so we’re reliant on Dennis to fit the new pump motor when it arrives in a few days time. We’re lucky to have folk like Dennis in the club, an ex-BA engineer, who can turn his hands to most things engineering-like .. we wish him and his helpers well, at least the excessive heat may have dissipated by then!


In the meantime, we rely on some manual watering ..

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