No showdown at Sunbury

Unfortunately tonight’s Middlesex Unbadged Singles match between Anita & Karen has been cancelled. Anita injured her back at Saturday’s match with Cambridge Park and hasn’t properly recovered. Tracy has also had to concede her next match so we are relying on Karen as the last woman standing in the Middlesex competitions .. and she’s yet to actually play a round!

Tuesday’s Club Night will see some new faces with the new crop of bowlers playing too. Don’t forget to sign in before 6pm!

The draws for the internal competitions have been made apart from Men’s and Women’s championships, which will be done at Club Night. If you’d like a sneak peak check back here very soon.

The Friday Morning League kicks off this week, Friday 17th 11am. Please check with your team captain if you’re due to play.

This coming weekend sees two team matches in the South Middlesex League. After the win at the weekend it’s nice to see Sunbury holding onto 1st place in the league although Staines are not far behind and with a game in hand.

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