Sunshine at Sunbury

The sun certainly shone brightly for Sunbury at Saturday’s South Middlesex League game against Cambridge Park. The home support spurred on Sunbury to wins on 2 of the 4 rinks, one of them being a final end one-shot win! Crucially, the teams on the losing rinks for Sunbury battled to the end to keep the shots against down for an overall shot count of 64-61 and a super 6-3 win for Sunbury!

(NB: Cambridge Park received a penalty for a win on one of their two all-male rinks).


In the Middlesex county competitions this week our only winner was Dennis in the Men’s Unbadged Singles 3rd round at Staines. The Women’s Triples team of Pat, Alison & Anita put in a good performance against a strong Staines team and BobH played his 3rd round Unbadged Singles at Ashford, where only Tracy seems to get much change! On Sunday 12th some of our women play in the day-long 2-woods knock-out at Hayes BC. On Monday 5:30pm we have a Sunbury showdown in the Women’s unbadged singles 3rd round – Anita v Karen, and on Tuesday 2pm it’s the turn of yours truly playing Unbadged Singles 4th round at home.

The current members had better watch out as the new crop of bowlers, recruited from the Open Days, are doing rather good. Training sessions on Tuesday evening and Saturday morning provided match experience and some great bowling. Thanks to all involved and especially the new bowlers for making it so easy for us!

I’ve been asked about arranging ad-hoc rollups .. it’s advisable (but not essential) to book a rink via the booking system Book a Rink. The bowls equipment is kept in the chalet, access to which is available with a key that’s kept in a drawer in the 2nd room on the right in the clubhouse. The combination code is available to all so just contact me or ask around if you don’t know it. There are plans to put a combination lock on the chalet itself at some point.

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