The last of our club competition quarter-finals was played today so we have a full line-up of semi-finals left to play. I’m happy for matches to be played upto and including Wednesday 30th, leaving a couple of days free to put together a schedule and confirm it before finals on 2nd and 3rd September. The green is fully available over the bank holiday weekend as there is no grass cutting this Friday and we have no team matches at home over the long weekend.

We do already have a few finalists .. following Charlie’s lead, Cassie is the latest of our more senior players to qualify for a couple of finals. Also, I have joined Dennis in the Men’s Championship final .. a repeat of the final from two year’s ago. Good luck to those of you contesting semi-finals over the coming week .. what will be will be!

Mens 2023        Womens 2023         Mixed/Open 2023

With team matches, the last SML game of the season at Bishop Duppas has been postponed to Sun 23rd September. Before that we have a few more team friendlies left to play, the first of which is this Saturday 26th at Esher.

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