SML woes

We suffered a duo of defeats this week in the South Middlesex League (SML). We snatched a draw on one rink against Bishop Duppas on Sunday for a 9-1 defeat then went slightly better against Hampton on Thursday with a one-shot win on one rink for an 8-2 defeat. Thanks are due to Stanwell for keeping us off the bottom of the table! The next of our team matches is a friendly at Ember on Sunday 16th with 16 players required .. please contact captain Di or reply here if you’d like to play.

In Middlesex county matches, Anita did Sunbury proud with a good win in her quarter-final of the Women’s Unbadged Singles on Sunday then, in Anita’s words, “had a disaster” in the semi-final. Next time?!

In our Club Competitions the quarter-final line-up is almost complete in most events, apart from the in the biggest draw, the Junior Championship. All results are up to date so please do get in touch with any issues or errors (thanks Gary!).

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